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Our customer service team is dedicated to any inquiries, complaints and suggestions from customers.
All the feedback will be efficiently handled by our professionals where a special case might be created under your agreement for further investigation or improvement in some cases.

After-Sale Service Hotline: +86-755-27179815 27179816 27179817

After-Sale Service Fax: +86-755-27179811

After-Sale Service E-mail: sales@landsun.cc

Company Web:Http://www.landsun.cc

Company Address: Block 5, Changzhen Industrial Park, Gongming Sub-District, Guang’ming District, Shenzhen

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Shenzhen Landsun Electronics Co., Ltd.
Company address: Block 36A, Changzhen Industrial Park, Gongming Sub-District, Guang’ming, Shenzhen

Tel: +86-755-27179816 27179815

+86-755-27179817 27179826

Fax: +86-755-27179811


Company web:Http://www.landsun.cc

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