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Process and production of car audio wiring harness
Release time:2021-01-14

The first station in the production of car audio wiring harness is the wire-opening process. The accuracy of the wire-opening process is directly related to the production progress of the car audio wiring harness. Once an error occurs, especially the opening wire size is too short, it will cause the rework of all stations, which takes time and effort to affect production efficiency. Therefore, when preparing the wire opening process, the wire opening size and stripping size must be reasonably determined according to the requirements of the drawing.

The second station after the wire is opened is the crimping process. The crimping parameters are determined according to the terminal type required by the drawing, and the crimping operation manual is made. For products with special requirements, it is necessary to indicate on the process documents and train operators.

Next is the pre-assembly process. First, we must prepare the pre-assembly process operation manual. In order to improve the assembly efficiency, the complex car audio wiring harness must be equipped with pre-assembly stations. Whether the pre-assembly process is reasonable or not directly affects the efficiency of the assembly. It also reflects the technical level of a craftsman.

If the pre-assembled part is less assembled or the wire path of the assembly is unreasonable, it will increase the workload of the general assembly staff and slow down the speed of the assembly line. Therefore, the craftsman must frequently inspect the production site and continuously summarize.

The final step is the final assembly process. Design tooling equipment and material box specifications according to the design drawings of the product development department, and paste the numbers of all assembly sheaths and accessories on the material box to improve assembly efficiency.

Compile the assembly content and requirements of each station, balance the entire assembly station, and prevent the excessive workload of a certain process from slowing down the entire assembly line.

In order to achieve a balance of work positions, the technicians must have a thorough knowledge of each operation process of the car audio wiring harness, measure the working hours on site, and adjust the assembly process at any time.

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