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Company Culture
  • Our mission
    to take root in the automotive electronics industry and lead trends in the sci-tech world.
  • Business vision
    Become an outstanding global automotive electronics company
  • Core values
    integrity, dedication, hard work and innovation
  • Management idea
    Only by creating value for customers can enterprises realize value
  • Code of conduct
    Good goal, good method, good mentality, good style and high efficiency
  • Good goal
    To customers: stand in the position of customers, quickly respond to customer needs, and focus on creating maximum value for customers;
    To oneself: dare to deny oneself, create value on the basis of constant self denial;
    To partners: treat each other with courtesy, win-win cooperation and common development;
  • Good way
    Innovation first, system management, performance orientation
  • Good attitude
    We should be grateful, respect and appreciate each other;
    Dedication, dedication, to be a value contributor, not a right owner
  • Good style
    Honest and trustworthy, consistent words and deeds, do not hide the facts;
    To be enterprising and realistic;
    We should face the responsibility positively, but not evade it;
    We are opposed to any form of over pressure, seeking perfection and blaming, rough management, the style of the chief executive and bureaucracy
  • High operating efficiency
    High efficiency and efficiency in operation
Qualification certification
Factory tour
Shenzhen Landsun Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production of all kinds of wire harness and connector, which are widely to car audio system, car security system, and car navigation system. Our company has been recognized as a professional cable and connector supplier in domestic automotive electronics industry. Considering rapid expansion of business, our company sincerely seeks for talents as follows:
Please send your resume

Release time: 2015-03-03

Job Responsibilities:

Job responsibilities and requirements:

1. Be proficient in computer operation and use various office software;

2. Familiar with the drafting, filing and BOM production of engineering department documents;

3. Proactive, self-motivated and responsible;

4. Female, technical secondary school or above.

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